Patient Resources

Post treatment care and Emergency treatment

Care of Mouth after Extractions

Maintain pressure on the pack placed by the dentist for 30 minutes, then remove the pack. If bleeding persists, place a second pack over the socket, apply pressure for a further 30 minutes.
Don’t rinse for two hours. Rinsing will disturb the blood clot and restart bleeding.
Pain relief following the anaesthetic wearing off, is best achieved by Paracetomol and/or Nurofen. Observe the maximum dose limits on the packs.
Persistant pain, bleeding or swelling in the days following the extraction may indicate a problem, please contact the clinic for further advice.

Mouthguard Care

Wash in cool soapy water after use and store in the box provided.
Hot water will distort the guard, don’t rinse in hot water.

Post Implant Surgery

Rinse with a mouthwash containing chlorhexidine; Savacol and Curasept are the two recognised rinses.
Brush the teeth around the implant area with a normal soft tooth brush.
5 days after the implant is placed gentle brushing may be started to help control food and plaque buildup.
Some discomfort or minor swelling of the gum tissues is expected, anything more significant requires attention by the dentist.
7 days after placement the sutures will need to be removed. Further care instructions will be issued then.
If a denture has been made to fit over the implant, it should be possible to wear it the day after implant placement. If the denture feels to be resting on the implant, contact the dental surgery for attention. Leave the denture out.

What if a tooth is knocked out

Quick replacement of the tooth is vital to long term success.
Retrieve the tooth, wash gently, try not to handle the root surface.
Replace the tooth in the socket matching the tooth beside it, or the same tooth on the other side of the mouth.
If you can’t place it in the socket, store the tooth in a small quantity of milk and get to the dental clinic quickly.
If milk is not available and the patient is able to cooperate, the tooth can be placed in the pouch of the cheek, adjacent to the lower teeth. DO NOT do this if the patient is not able to understand and comply with the procedure.