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Children Dentistry (CBDS)

Children Dentistry

Early Dentistry

The habits that we carry on into adult life often tend to be learned at a very young age. This goes for oral health, hygiene and commitment to dental appointments as much as anything else. Bank Place Dental is a family practice, equipped to handle all preventative and necessary dental procedures and services that your children need.

We have children of our own and so we have great experience in making children feel comfortable and informed about how we are going to help them have healthy mouths and teeth. We also know the importance of ensuring our future generations are given the best change for a healthy mouth. This is why we regularly visit local kindergartens to provide free education on oral care. It is also a great way to remove any worries children may have before they visit the dentist, as they become familiar with the people and process.


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We provide treatment to people of all ages and will develop a comprehensive treatment plan to cater to your needs and budget.